A better manuscript—a better writer

My aim in all the editing I do is to give you a stronger manuscript and make you a better writer. I’ve always seen editing as a way to help writers learn their craft, and I love watching a client catch on and start writing at a deeper level. That’s why I co-authored Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. It’s why I founded my own editing business in 1994. And why I’ve proudly framed my website with a shelf of my clients’ books.

Dave King

Editing designed for you

Since no two writers learn in the same way, all the editing I do is custom work. It could include anything — an extensive memo, an on- line tutorial, or a coaching line-edit. The process, though, always starts with the diagnos- tic reading report. Before I can edit, I need to immerse myself in your story and characters, and we need to agree on where you’d like to see your manuscript go. Most clients do receive a coaching line-edit at some point, since it is such a powerful teaching tool.

If you are looking for a professional editor, look no further. I had the pleasure of working with Dave King during the writing of my novel.…
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After editing

When your manuscript is as strong as we can make it, I can help develop the tools you need to convince an agent — a query letter and synopsis. And I won’t forget you when the work is done. I like to stay in touch, following your progress and offering encouragement if you need it.

Good Writing, Dave King