Online Self-Editing Workshop

On its own, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, now in its second edition, has helped thousands of writers since its first publication in 1992. But if, after your diagnostic reading report, you'd like extra help and encouragement from the co-author, this workshop, based on the book, is just what you need.

A private seminar

This twelve-lesson course explores principles of stylistic mechanics from the basics — "show, don't tell" — to complexities of the art, like how to encourage your emerging writer's voice. You'll also have a chance to ask questions and make comments just like you would in a college writing seminar.

How it works

Following the chapters in the book, you'll receive an e-mail with material on each self-editing point, including examples and exercises drawn, where possible, from your own manuscript. You read the material, do the exercises and e-mail them back to me for commentary as soon as you're done. The scheduling is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs, though for maximum impact, a weekly lesson works best. You can e-mail your questions or comments at any time.

The cost of the course is $500.